The Art of Collaboration in Security: Breaking down barriers between Offensive and Defensive Teams

In the realm of cybersecurity, the shared objective between offense and defense remains unchanged: safeguarding organizations and their invaluable assets from compromise. However, their distinct approaches often give rise to a delicate balance fraught with tension.

With today's threat landscape, teams can't afford to be siloed. They need to collaborate, cross-train, and share knowledge.

Watch the webinar to hear Dr. Daniel Shore, Co-Founder at MultiTeam Solutions, Zachary Broomfield, Co-Founder at MultiTeam Solutions and Richard Beck, Director of Cybersecurity at QA as they discuss how organizations can foster the culture of collaboration between offensive and defensive teams. 

You will:

  • Learn practical strategies for breaking down barriers and fostering collaboration between offensive and defensive cybersecurity teams
  • Discover the importance of cross-training and knowledge sharing to enhance overall cybersecurity resilience 
  • Understand how a culture of collaboration can lead to improved security outcomes for organizations 

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