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 Building essential cybersecurity skills with CyberCore - Security Essentials:
As a team leader, you play a vital part in reinforcing security by design and understanding security from a foundational perspective, which has downstream impacts across your organization. As you know, cybersecurity must be at the core of your team’s work and in order to do this successfully, your team needs to have fundamental cybersecurity skills.
SEC-100: CyberCore - Security Essentials provides this. Watch the exclusive webinar featuring Thereasa Roy, Head of Product Marketing and Jeremy (Harbinger) Miller, Sr. Manager of Content and Strategy at OffSec where they will introduce OffSec's new CyberCore- Security Essentials certification. This certification covers offensive techniques, defensive tactics, networking & scripting basics, application & operating system security, and provides the essential skills needed to start a cybersecurity career.
Register today and learn:
  • What the CyberCore-Security Essentials course entails and how it prepares your team for cybersecurity challenges.
  • The foundational skills and knowledge covered in CyberCore, including offensive techniques and defensive tactics.
  • How CyberCore-Security Essentials can help your team understand application & operating system security, networking, and scripting basics.