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5 Soft Skills for Effective Cybersecurity Leadership
If you want to succeed and grow as a cybersecurity manager or executive, you must master a variety of soft skills. These skills are essential to helping you perform key management activities such as obtaining resources, setting priorities, and building and motivating teams. 

This session, "5 Soft Skills for Effective Cybersecurity Leadership," delves into the critical non-technical competencies that cybersecurity leaders must cultivate to navigate the complexities of team dynamics, internal politics, and the modern enterprise.

The webinar is a discussion between Thereasa Roy, OffSec’s Director of Product & Content Marketing, and Jason Haddix, CEO, Hacker, and Trainer at Arcanum Information Security. 
Watch this webinar to: 
  • Explore techniques for clear, persuasive communication that turns technical jargon into actionable insights for non-technical audiences.
  • Learn how to balance strategic thinking and a technical focus to move the business forward.
  • Get access to additional resources to level up your leadership soft skills.