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Prepare for Real Attacks: Live-Fire Cybersecurity Drills with OffSec Versus
Ready to elevate your cybersecurity training from isolated exercises to real-world defense? OffSec's Versus mode delivers a dynamic, live-fire environment for Red and Blue team battles within the Enterprise Cyber Range. 

Watch this session with OffSec's Owen du Plessis, Senior Manager of Labs Development, and Thereasa Roy, Director of Product Marketing to see how OffSec Versus revolutionizes cybersecurity preparedness and builds a stronger, more unified defense.
This webinar will transform your perspective on security training:
  • Close the Gap: Bridge the divide between Red and Blue teams, revealing strengths, weaknesses, and crucial areas for improvement.
  • Battle-Tested Skills: Test your teams' abilities in handling the latest attack vectors – from Windows/Linux exploits to Active Directory attacks, supply chain compromises, and more.
  • Collaborative Defense: Foster communication, strategy development, and shared knowledge essential for handling sophisticated cyber incidents.
  • Proactive Security: Prepare your teams to anticipate and counter evolving threats with the reflexes honed in realistic training simulations.