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How to Scale a High-Performing Cybersecurity Team
Watch an engaging discussion between Jeremy (Harbinger) Miller, Sr. Manager, Content Strategy & Development at OffSec, and Head of Security Research at Semgrep and founder of tl;dr sec, Clint Gibler, on scaling your company’s cybersecurity program.

Scaling your organization’s security team and security posture can be challenging, especially with limited resources (people, budgets, etc.), but the reality is, most of us are resource-constrained. 
In this webinar, we explore strategies to efficiently scale your cybersecurity team and program. From smart decision-making, to secure defaults, and adopting scalable security engineering practices, this webinar provides a strategic roadmap and tactical tips. Learn how security engineering and cybersecurity learning and development programs play a pivotal role in building a high-performing cybersecurity team. 
In this webinar, you will:
  • Learn essential mindsets for building a scalable security program
  • Understand how to implement secure defaults and integrate them into software development processes, addressing vulnerability classes instead of one-off bugs
  • Gain insights into building a supportive security culture within engineering teams to continuously improve security posture and response capabilities.