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AMA with the OffSec Team on the PEN-200 2023 Update

Watch an “Ask Me Anything” webinar with Jeremy (Harbinger) Miller, OffSec’s Content Development Manager, and Matteo Malvica and Christian Siegert, OffSec’s Content Developers. 

This is your chance to learn all about this comprehensive update on the new PEN-200: Penetration Testing and how these changes will impact the course material, the labs, and the exam for current and future learners.

Here’s what you can expect from this AMA webinar: 

  • Get to know the Content Developers behind this significant PEN-200 update
  • The Why, What and How of the enhanced PEN-200
  • OffSec's Pedagogical growth and changes that we are implementing
  • In-depth look at the restructured course content and Learning Modules
  • What's new with the labs

Watch today and explore all of the exciting changes with OffSec’s team!